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Project Management Methodologies and Frameworks · ActiveCollab

Many studies and textbooks cover specific practices that can increase collaboration over distance, helping the management of virtual and multicultural teams. This does not mean that you must apply all 25 knowledge areas to meet the challenges of any global project. However, it will be helpful to consider all of them when evaluating what can go wrong, and to consider the most relevant to your situation, when preparing your project plan and risk assessment.

During the project executing, monitoring, and controlling activities, the framework is also a valuable reference to help the project team during conflicts and problem solving in critical periods. Before closing the project, you might also refer to the framework to complete your lessons learned session, writing recommendations for future situations.

To facilitate this process, the practices in the framework are grouped into five main categories, each representing an element from the organization change theories: Global team management, Global communication, Global organizations, Collaborative tools, and Collaborative techniques.

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We will now review the main challenges and take a brief look into each of the best practices in the framework. Global project managers must have good strategies to coordinate multicultural and virtual teams Exhibit 3 , by understanding and taking into consideration the differences in culture, language skills, and time zones.


A good starting point is to have a solid understanding on the cultural dimensions and different leadership theories. Using this knowledge, a trusted relationship can be developed with different stakeholders, and coaching can be a valuable tool. Finally, conflicting situations are inevitable: in many situations, they can bring innovation.

A good project manager must be ready to resolve them and build from the differences. Project managers spend most of their time communicating. Collecting information from team members, compiling project status and reports, distributing essential information to key stakeholders, all are part of the daily tasks in any project.

Global projects bring the challenges of distance and skewed time zones, requiring different techniques to excel in the same daily tasks.

How to choose the right project management methodology

Add to these the multi-language and cross-cultural barriers to understanding, and the communication activities are far from being simple. Global project managers must involve their team members to identify the stakeholders and understand the communication channels between the team members. With this in mind, a good communication strategy must be defined, together with techniques, rules, and templates to communicate and brainstorm effectively over distance Exhibit 4.

When organizations start coalitions, programs, or projects that span country borders, they must think about the impact on their organizational cultures and structures. The program and project structures must be carefully designed in order to respect the geographical dispersion of the human resources while allowing the optimal communication between the team members.

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Global program offices PMO have a key role in interviewing the international experts and providing coaching and organizational support to the global program and project managers. Exhibit 5. The two last categories of the framework Exhibit 6 deal with different technology areas that organizations can implement to foster collaboration on global projects. The first step is to evaluate the requirements, investigate different solutions to satisfy these needs, and then select, implement, and provide basic training on the chosen technologies.

Usually this is not enough to obtain adoption of the new tools by global project managers and team members. Organizations must use creative techniques to make the tools known and loved by employees across the globe. Global project managers must be ready to face the challenges of cross-cultural communication, different organizations, skewed time zones, multiple languages, and collaboration across locations.

There are at least 25 areas to be considered when planning a global project. The Global Project Management Framework provides a comprehensive set of practices and recommendations on these areas, aligned with organizational change variables. Global organizations can use the framework as a starting point to detect which areas must be addressed before starting a global project. An organizational change program can be put in place to implement best practices in the main areas, improving the effectiveness of communication, collaboration, and management across borders.

Binder, J. Global project management: Communication, collaboration and management across borders. Aldershot, UK: Gower.

Project management framework (PMF)

Distributed programs, virtual projects and global projects. Levin, G. Cover to cover — Global project management: Communication, collaboration and management across borders. Project Management Journal, 39 4 , By Unterhitzenberger, Christine Bryde, David Projects are under constant pressure to improve performance, and research is needed to understand the characteristics of high-performing projects.

Using the concept of organizational justice as a…. Article Organizational Culture , Teams 1 September Software projects are executed by both the main office and a satellite office in another country, with the home office project…. Employees in the United States are on their own—at least, more than in other parts of the world.

Latin America is the only region where workers spend more time working together than alone, according…. By Richardson, Derrick A.

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Today's hyper-digital working environment makes it easier than ever for project managers to work with teams across the globe. Cloud-based platforms offering integrated project and portfolio…. Publishing or acceptance of an advertisement is neither a guarantee nor endorsement of the advertiser's product or service. View advertising policy. Learning Library. The global project management framework: communication, collaboration, and management across borders. Many companies unaccustomed to working globally struggle when they implement a project that involves stakeholders located around the world.

The old school of hard knocks is certainly one option, albeit a costly and inefficient one. A much better approach is to provide the required skill set, not only in generic form but also customised to your specific PMF. Planning is now done with more foresight and proactive measures are put in place where required. Execution is carefully monitored and support provided when a project is at risk.

Structured post mortems identify valuable lessons learned and the site-wide action management system ensures those lessons are actually converted into process improvements, technology fixes or competency upgrades as required. As an operationally focussed consulting firm, First Principles Consulting works with clients starting up and improves operational efficiency with established organisations. Their unique approach achieves improvements through empowered people, lean business processes and appropriate technology.

Their enviable track record: Clients produce more, costs go down - or both. Do the Projects in your organisation run over schedule, over budget or fail to deliver the benefits they were commissioned for in the first place? Are they the right projects for your organisation to be doing right now? Does the personnel executing your projects have all the skills and competencies they require? Do some of your people have split responsibilities towards operations and projects?